Upcoming & Current

. Group-exhibition, Gaza- A moment of becoming, Qattan foundation, March- June 2024 Ramallah PS

.The Ladder- Live Performance with Rebecca Lillich/Krüger 28-06-2024 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam NL

.Group- exhibition, Gallery Launch, 15 June- 10 july 2024, Zema Gallery, Barcelona, ES

. Group- exhibition, Through the window, 26 June 2024, Online exhibition, Prins Claus Fonds

. Group- exhibition, Story line, 4 July- 11 Aug 2024, De Ploegh, Amersfoort NL

. Group- exhibition, Rebel Images, 12 July- 15 Aug 2024, Zema Gallery, Barcelona, ES 

'The Ladder- task 1' Duo artists, Ahmad Mallah and Rebecca Lillich/ Krüger Video installation with two screens Duration: 0,47 seconds, loop. Film maker: Jesse Immanuel Bom Prospects 2024- Mondriaan Fonds. Art Rotterdam

Vide'The Ladder- task 1' Performance by Duo artists, Ahmad Mallah and Rebecca Lillich/ Krüger. Duration: 12:00 minutes. Documented by: Jesse Immanuel Bom. Prospects 2024- Mondriaan Fonds. Art Rotterdamo

Opening exhibition "I see you- I hear you" Curator: Ahmad Mallah. Performance: Mark van Praagh and Astera Mortezai. Vocal and sound Performance: Wasim Arslan. Gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort NL 11-12-2022

Rituals of the Siege

The Basement, November 2021