The Ladder 2023- 2024

The Ladder 2023- 2024

The Ladder” A long term collaboration, Ahmad Mallah and Rebecca Lillich/Krüger

Credits of the images and videos for this project to: Jesse Immanuel Bom Captured during our invited residency at Art House Holland, July 2023 Leiderdorp NL


The Ladder is a series of performative exercises in trust presented through various mediums; focusing on the active engagement building trust entails, the work presents our performative practices alongside material manifestations.

The Ladder is a singular open symbol that’s structure offers a basis for investigating situations of safety, connection and the process of trust.

Our trust, our work, our art is this dialogue, a never ending conversation. This is an ongoing series of happenings based on the symbol of the ladder.

First Public presentation: 1-4 Feb 2024
Prospects- Mondriaan Fonds. Art Rotterdam NL
‘The Ladder’ Performance, duration 10 minutes
Film Stills by Jesse Immanuel Bom



Second Public presentation: 8 June 2024
Oerol Festival. Terschelling NL
‘The Ladder’ Performance, duration 10 minutes
Photos by lisa Van Der Rhee